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3D PrinterANANT PRO XLPrinter

An industrial 3D printer that is the 1st of it's kind

Size, not a problem!

Our Anant Pro XL 3D printer has a build volume of 1200 x 600 x 800 (mm) and has a 76% frame to build Volume ratio. Even with a X and Y build sizes of 1400 mm & 600 mm respectively, the outer frame still is of 1488 & 770 mm in X & Y respectively. we could achieve this much compactness in a large scale 3D printer by using the next-gen H-Bot kinematics system.

Compatibility of Materials

Compatible with a wide variety of materials, the printer has support for ABS, PA6/PA12, PETG, PETG-CF, PLA, PVA, TPU/TPE & a whole lot of materials which can be printed under 300 degree celcius. But that doesn't stop here; Anant Pro XL also has the capability of printing the raw form of filament- ‘PELLETS’. Our printer can print with pellets if desired, thus enabling a whole new perspective of Desktop & Industrial 3d printing.

Build Quality

The printer has a whopping 1200x 600 x 800 (mm) build volume which enables all sorts of users to have an exclusive edge over other printers in terms of high volume printing. The compactly packed build area with sealed environment is perfectly made to achieve the same quality of prints even after lots of cycles. Outer body Made of High quality Steel,Tempered glass provides users with safe and easy access to the print bed and the ability to visually monitor the printing process in a contained space.

Integrated Silicon

ANANAT PRO XL not only excels in compact size or robustness, but it also excels in other printers in terms of the heating capabilities of the print bed. Our special integrated silicone heater bed can reach over 100°C in a matter of seconds. With a max temperature of 120°C, you can print all sorts of engineering materials including but not limited to ABC, PETG, NYLon, etc. Coupled with an inductive probe auto bed leveling sensor that helps in achieving smooth and flat first layers that make the whole printing process easier.

About us

ANANT PRO XL is a printer which we designed while keeping in mind the current as well as future demands of the industry. With its Hybrid DuO-FLO extruder, material shortages and compatibility are issues of the past. Having a weather-sealed body gives it a serious advantage over its competitors in terms of industrial environments. With This printer, being the latest offering from Ozo & Rob, we aim to provide the highest quality to speed ratio in a 3d printer among its competitors.

The ANANT PRO XL is a robust, compact, and high-precision printer that makes manufacturing high-quality, large-scale models extremely easy. With a compact body, enabling the printer to be used anywhere, the ANANT PRO-XL is suitable for any type of environment; either it is a school or a large industry.

Exclusive Features:

1200(x)*600(y)*800(z) mm³ build volume
Robust high quality Steel & Glass outer body
Bondtech BMG™ filament Extruder
Phaetus Dragonfly™ HIC HF hotend
V4™ Pellet Extruder
Stainless steel nozzles
Supports 1.75mm filaments
Max hotend temperature is 300°c
Max heatbed temperature is 100°C
DUET 3D™ magnetic filament monitor system
Integrated high resolution WEBcam
13” touchscreen Display
1500w silicon heated bed
Wi-fi/ethernet connectivity
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